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Published article: How to look after yourself when caring for someone with a longterm condition

This blog is a practical one, aimed at supporting carers, family members and loved ones who are looking after people in their lives. It has been published online and in print by the mental health magazine Happiful. You can click the button below to read it for free.

In addition, I have put lots of links for carer support at the bottom of this article. There are multiple links for carers, young carers and parents/guardians looking after unwell children.

Further support (UK)

These links are up to date at the time of publishing. They are external links and I am not responsible for information or advice given by these organisations.

Resources for carers

Carers UK. HERE

NHS. (info about support & benefits) HERE

Carers Trust. HERE

Support for parents or carers of children or young people

Rainbow Trust. Supporting families with a seriously ill child HERE

Clic Sargent. Child and young person cancer charity HERE

Together for Short Lives. charity for children's palliative care with a helpline HERE

Help for Parents. For parents and carers support young people with mental health problems HERE

Support for young carers

NHS support for young carers HERE

Young Minds with advice and support from other young carers HERE

UK Festival specifically for young carers HERE

KIDS organisation for disabled young people and young carers under 18 years old HERE

Carers UK. HERE

Carers Trust. HERE

For further support with your mental health, I have compiled a list of services, charities and helplines on my website. Some you can contact 24/7 if you need support now, some have resources or support groups. Mental Health Helplines & Links

This is not a complete list of all support that is available. Your GP can help refer you to appropriate services and charities.

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