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My Podcast: About Me


My monthly podcast on surviving trauma

The Trauma Talks Podcast is a monthly series that examines a different experience of trauma in each episode. The presenters, Jeremy Sachs and Katherine Cox are joined in each episode by a different panel of guests who bring with them their lived experience of trauma.  The podcast examines the challenges of living with trauma, investigates current work being done in the field, (from frontline services to policymaking) and shares practical coping strategies. None of the episodes go into detail about traumatic events, it is designed to be information sharing, educational and supportive. The aim is to challenge and dispel stigma and myths around types of trauma. To give survivors a platform to communicate their own messages and to give a voice to silenced communities.

Available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music and all podcast providers.

Series one episode listing

1. The Trauma Talks: Covid-19

2. The Trauma Talks: Male childhood sexual abuse

3. The Trauma Talks: Prisons 

4. The Trauma Talks: Birth PTSD

5. The Trauma Talks: Chemsex

6. The Trauma Talks: Intersectionality 

7. The Trauma Talks: Season Finale

Series two is in production now. For more details follow on Twitter or get in contact. 

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Below are podcast epsiodes I have produced and presented in partnership with other organisations

Barrier's men face to accessing mental health support: November 2022

Created for the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy during men's health awareness month

I speak with Alex Feis-Bryce, founding CEO of National Ugly Mugs, past CE of SurvivorsUK and CEO of Transform Drugs about barriers men face to accessing mental health support, covering health inequalities, intersectionality, suicide & the importance of therapy for men

To listen to the podcast, click the box below

Relationships and Sex Education: April 2021

In partnership with the PSHE Association

When I'm not in private practice or running trauma recovery groups, I also work with the Association for Young People’s Health (AYPH). This podcast episode was a really fun collaboration between AYPH and the PSHE Association to produce this special edition of RSHE Ready Podcast. The series features leading voices from across the education sector exploring what the game-changing DfE RSHE requirements will mean for teachers and what they can do to ensure they’re ‘RSHE ready’.

My episode hears from young people in their own words, why they think statutory Sex, Relationships and Health (RSHE) is a crucial part of the curculum.


To listen to the podcast, click the box below 

Understanding young people's experiences of asthma: Sept 2021

In partnership with The Association for Young People's Health & The Race Equality Foundation 

When I'm not in private practice or running trauma recovery groups, I also work with the Association for Young People’s Health (AYPH). As part of Healthy London Partnership's Ask About Asthma campaign, I created and hosted a podcast. I chat to a young person about their asthma care and the Race Equality Foundation about why one size does not fit all when it comes to young people's health. 

To listen to the podcast, click the box below

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Buy me a coffee? All of the videos, comics, podcasts and blog entries I create are free because I believe money should never be a barrier to accessing mental health support and resources. If you have found any of this content useful, and have a spare £4, you can digitally buy me a coffee (or two) by clicking below. It takes a few seconds and is massively appreciated by me! Cheers.

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