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Young people’s views on digital ways of accessing primary care

In my role as the Association for Young People's Health Participation Project Manager I ran a six month engagement panel asking young people from different backgrounds about their views of accessing primary care digitally. Here is an exert and link to the full report.


The adoption and implementation of digital delivery in primary care is growing. Although this is broadly welcomed as a way of improving efficiency and increasing access, it may also bring particular challenges for some groups including children and young people. Hearing directly from young people about their experiences is critical to getting this right. In order to hear from young people, the Association for Young People’s Health (AYPH) convened a panel of young people aged 16-22 who took part in a series of engagement events. The panel aimed to work with young people across the UK including young people from groups that have been marginalised and who had less opportunity to contribute to discussions to date, and may be more likely to be disadvantaged if digital access is not accessible. The panel met five times online via a video call over five months in 2021. Each meeting focused on a different element of digital access to primary care. Participation staff from AYPH led the facilitation of the panel meetings which were planned with and attended by NHS England and NHS Improvement staff from the Digital First Primary Care team. To read the full report follow the link: :

For more information about AYPH:

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