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The Trauma Talks podcast is back!

10th May 2023 brings the return of Katherine and Jeremy's monthly examination of different experiences of trauma and how it affected people's lives day to day. In this series we examine:

  • Sex work and its links to trauma

  • Male survivors of sexual abuse in adulthood

  • Complex or traumatic bereavement

  • Autism and the experience of trauma

  • The ongoing traumatic experiences of being a Refugee or asylum seeker

(more to be announced...)

As well as experts through lived experience, we speak with experts working in the field, such as:

  • The London Victims Commissioner

  • Cruse Bereavement support

  • The Umbrella Lane Sex Workers collective

  • Freedom from Torture

  • Autism aware Therapists

(more to be announced...)

Put the date 10th May 2023 in your diaries and join us wherever you find your podcasts or subscribe here:

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