Speaking events

I give talks about a variety of different topics, from co-designing psychological trauma recovery groups to providing effective wellbeing services and policy.

If you’re organising a conference and would like me to speak but are unsure what you’d like me to cover, a great way to get a sense of my expertise is by looking at my blog content. My blog reflects my areas of interest and expertise. Alternatively, you can get in touch via email to set up a meeting.

Psychologically informed consultations for organisations, cooperates and charities

I run consultations with organisations, cooperates and charities on how to:

  • Meaningfully engage and support employees

  • Create impactful wellbeing policies

  • Better respond to the needs of service users

  • Enabled teams to think and respond to issues in a Trauma Informed way

If you want to develop wellbeing policies and services for your organisation that is trauma informed, psychologically grounded and impactful, why not get in touch for a free 15 minute Zoom chat to see how we could work together.


Mental health awareness continues to grow within society. Alongside this fact, we see a rise in mental health issues becoming more prevalent.

8 in 100 people have mixed anxiety and depression

4 in 100 people live with PTSD

3 in 100 people have depression

6 in 100 have an anxiety disorder

1 in 7 men will have a history of sexual abuse (although this is massively under reported)

1 in 4 women will have a history of sexual abuse

As organisations we need to take more responsibility for our employee’s health, but with serious mental health issues becoming more prevalent and less stigmatised, how do organisations respond effectively and without risking re-traumatisation or exasperating a mental health illness?  

I offer psychologically informed training on how to respond to these challenges, support staff and support a culture of wellness within your organisation